Lover of real emotions, old things, red wine and trying to change the world one photo project at a time...

My father bought me my first "real" camera when I was fifteen. Being the MIT graduate and engineer that he was, he taught me the entire technical side of photography. The aesthetic side, I learned by shooting anything and everything. I haven't put down a camera since that time and I'm glad I didn't.

People always ask me "what kind of photography do you do?" Unlike some of my colleagues in the business, I don't like to define myself as one specific type of photographer. I have studied at some of the finest schools in the country, shot professionally and personally and lived in Europe working on a photography book. All of that has contributed to making me a better photographer, but nothing compares to having the artistic passion to make a difference. I find a photographic opportunity in almost anything. Being able to create and define that opportunity is how I shoot.

Awards& Publications

  • 2016 - Seniors Guide Cover
  • 2016- March of Dimes - National                                                     Campaign
  • 2016- Fort Thomas Living Cover
  • 2016- Health Scene Ohio
  • 2015- Seniors Guide Cover
  • 2014- Premier Viewpoint
  • 2014- Food Service Director
  • 2013- Premier Viewpoint
  • 2013- Food Service Director
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