Lover of real emotions, old things, red wine and trying to change the world one photo project at a time...

My father bought me my first "real" camera when I was fifteen. Being the MIT graduate and engineer that he was, he taught me the entire technical side of photography. The aesthetic side, I learned by shooting anything and everything. I haven't put down a camera since that time and I'm glad I didn't.

People always ask me "what kind of photography do you do?" Unlike some of my colleagues in the business, I don't like to define myself as one specific type of photographer. I have studied at some of the finest schools in the country, shot professionally and personally and lived in Europe working on a photography book. All of that has contributed to making me a better photographer, but nothing compares to having the artistic passion to make a difference. I find a photographic opportunity in almost anything. Being able to create and define that opportunity is how I shoot.

Awards& Publications

2016 - Seniors Guide Cover

2016- March of Dimes - National Campaign

2016- Fort Thomas Living Cover

2016- Health Scene Ohio

2015- Seniors Guide Cover

2014- Premier Viewpoint

2014- Food Service Director

2013- Premier Viewpoint

2013- Food Service Director

A "Where were you when" memory......January 28, 1986

I used to live in Cocoa Beach, Florida running a full service company and working directly with a number of Aerospace companies. We had been housing many of the engineers that were working on the Space Shuttle. This particular launch we were housing the wife and immediate family members of Dick Scobee, the Commander of the Challenger STS 51L Mission that was destroyed 73 seconds into its flight, killing all seven crew members. Because of my relationship with NASA, I had the "honor" of packing all of the family's belongings and getting it back to Kennedy Space Center. At the time, I did not feel it was much of an honor, as the task was an extremely difficult one. The one memory that has kept me positive about the whole event was that I was able to deliver to June Scobee, the last bouquet of flowers her husband had given her, attached with a very personal note. I often wonder, had it not been me packing their things and it was someone else in charge of that task, would she had ever received her last flowers, wrapped in tissue and tin foil and placed in the "most valuable" bag? I am glad it was me.

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