I was hired by the March of Dimes to shoot the March for Babies Walk in Cincinnati in 2016. I arrived to meet Tim Kaufmann, State Director of Communications for the March of Dimes - Ohio Chapter, who was to be my liaison for the day. I was there to document the walk of Kaya and her family. Kaya was born four months early. It was not long into our meeting, that Tim let me know that if I pulled off "the" image - March of Dimes would be using it for their National Campaign. Wow. And I just thought I was there to capture the moments of the day!

Tim and I kept in touch after that, both of us hoping that my shots would be chosen. Months went by without hearing anything and we both decided they had chosen another photographer. I was having a not so good day...... when I received a call from Tim. He started the call with the following words, "you are the first person I called"..... and yes, I did get the shot, actually a lot of shots, and March of Dimes chose Kaya to be featured as their National March for Babies Campaign! Tim has since sent me links to my photos that are displayed on billboards around the country..... pretty surreal experience on so many levels.....!

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